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Piotr Toczyński is a multifaceted creative force. He has edited for directors from the US, Australia, and Greece. Piotr's commitment to storytelling and meticulous attention to detail shine through in all his endeavors. He has proven to be a valuable collaborator, earning high praise from esteemed filmmakers. Director Pantelis Roumanis described him as a confidante, a cheerleader, and a true believer in the project. Piotr's invaluable contributions went beyond his roles as editor, earning him recognition as a producer in his own right. On his YouTube channel, Piotr hosted roundtables with film editors of movies like John Wick, Bullet Train, and Nope or TV shows like The Crown and Chernobyl. His insightful questions and thoughtful analysis demonstrate his capacity to engage in meaningful conversations about the art of cinema, proving himself to be a worthy conversation partner for industry luminaries such as Walter Murch, Alex Gibney, Eddie Hamilton, and Jim Cummings. He also wrote a number of articles for an industry-leading website, NoFilmSchool.com for whom he also served as a news correspondent during the Camerimage Film Festival.


Editor, Picture Editor, Director


Film, Short Film, Streamer


Documentary, Drama, Dramedy

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English, Polish

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