Verified Profile Pages

Build an Industry Network

HUSSLUP enables creators in media and entertainment to build a diverse global community through personal profiles with verified credits and vouches and encrypted creative samples. Users can connect with each other and create and share annotated contact lists organized by project.

Powerful Search Tool

Staff on Professional Projects

HUSSLUP enables creators to connect with jobs, mentors, and representation through our Pro Search tool that enables executives, producers, and representatives to search for the talent they need to hire.

Robust Demographic Data

Discover Diverse New Talent

HUSSLUP enables executives, producers, and representatives to discover diverse new talent through robust demographic search filters and to report the anonymized demographics of their search to internal and external stakeholders.

Suite of Working Group Features

Collaborate with other Creators

HUSSLUP enables creators to collaborate through sharing encrypted creative projects in their working groups and private messages. Creators can find collaborators and post opportunities on our social feed.