Sabine Sheridan, HUSSLUP


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Sabine Sheridan

She/Her, They/Them, Other

Aspiring Filmmaker


Available To Work June 12, 2023


“Film and television are a significant part of the unique way I see the world as a neurodivergent queer femme.” Sabine Sheridan (she/they) is here to shake up the film industry with her unique perspective. A recent graduate of the film program at San Francisco State University, they are seeking to move from the theoretical to the practical and gain experience in multiple aspects of film development and production, both on set and in post-production. In addition to graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema with a minor in LGBT studies, Sabine has honed skills through various industry internships. She screened and rated films for director Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle Film Festival, edited online content for various non profits, and served as a Production Assistant for the films Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Kevin Smith, 2019) and Just Ask Him (Brian Tognotti, 2019). Sabine is a self-motivated, resourceful and diligent worker, with an attention to detail and an aptitude for learning technology quickly. She is also an enthusiastic consumer of film, television and visual media with an impressive mental database of detail and insight. In their free time, they can be found drawing on Photoshop, attending conventions and film festivals and absorbing insightful content on the Internet. This passionate and innovative person can infuse her energy and unique perspective into your film-related projects.


Production Assistant, Editor


Film, Short Film, Social Media


Comedy, Non-Fiction, Drama

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San Francisco State University, BA


Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Newark, Paris, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

Other Skills

Fine Art


United States of America


English, French, Latin

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