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Julianne Wargren is CEO of Madde House Productions and Director of Top Tier Programs for Roadmap Writers. She holds a Master of Letters (MFA Summa Cum Laude equivalent) from Sydney University and was President of the Writer’s Society and Managing Editor of the USyd Writer’s Journal PHOENIX. She currently has several projects in development, including a Christmas feature with Nancy Cartwright (The Simpsons), Callan McAuliffe (The Walking Dead), and Kath Soucie (Rugrats) attached. In addition, she has optioned a live-action family feature, a mobile game, and a drama TV series and has co-written and produced an award-winning web series. She is currently working with Bohemia Originals to adapt a comic book into a feature film. Julianne likes to write stories that challenge people to question the limits of their own perspectives. Her desire is for her audience to come away changed – even if only for a moment. When not writing, Julianne enjoys life in sunny Sydney with her husband, cat, bunnies, and a never-ending procession of wild birds who drop by each day to visit. Julianne is represented by Brandon Drea at Paper Plane Entertainment.


CEO, Content Producer, Producer, Screenwriter, Copywriter, Writer


Animation, Digital, Feature, Film, Half-Hour, Network, One-Hour, Podcast, Short Film, Single Cam, Social Media, Streamer, Television


Action, Animated, Comedy, Competition, Drama, Dramedy, Fantasy, Game, Thriller, Unscripted, Young Adult

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Computers/Technology, MBA/Business, Psychologist/Psychiatrist



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