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Kayona Ebony Brown is an Emmy Award-winning producer and Emmy-nominated writer recognized for her work with CBS SPORTS and the Super Bowl LV feature, BEFORE JACKIE, starring Viola Davis. As a multi-hyphenate storyteller, Kayona's work with both TV and film has one distinctive memorable element: its ability to penetrate and imprint on your soul. Hailing from our nation’s capital, Kayona is a multi-hyphenate storyteller who grew up in a home that nurtured her eccentricities and unexpected interests of a girl. Thus, she rejected the presumed path of a Washingtonian (government work) in favor of art, Kayona started in entertainment as a radio DJ, which led to running her own indie record label. Most recently, Kayona was a winner of the Roadmap Writer’s Diversity Initiative, and the Commission on Arts and Humanities/NEA grant for literature. She was tapped by CBS to pen the NCAA Championship game tease starring Jon Hamm, and subsequently to co-produce the 9/11 pregame tease for the NAVY vs AIR FORCE football game. Kayona is represented by Anonymous Content with legal by Granderson Des Rocher

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