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Sasha Paskal emerged from the sand-strewn streets of Venice, CA. A child of visionaries who saw the world through the lens of photography. As a boy, he roamed the Venice boardwalk with his mother, capturing the absurd in stark black and white film. His skateboarding adventures introduced him to the digital age, and he soon picked up a Canon GL1, turning his lens on friends and the world of skateboarding. As Sasha's skills grew, so too did the breadth of his vision. He gained his first commission to photograph the virtuoso guitarist Bryan Baker, and from that point forward, Sasha took on a plethora of low-budget video projects, honing his style of elevating reality through simplicity. Sasha has since shot feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, branded content, and documentaries, some of which have garnered international distribution, festival awards, as well as hundreds of millions of views, including a #1 trending music video on YouTube and a VH1-nationally premiered video with Gladys Knight. With each project, I see the potential to create a unique and dynamic world, one where the rules of light, color, and exposure are determined not by preconceived notions but by the needs of the story. I see the world as a living, breathing entity, and I work to give each project its own distinct voice, its own soul. To me, every shot is an opportunity to bend reality and create something new, something that transcends the ordinary and touches the soul. With over 12 years of experience, I have developed a process that allows me to work closely with directors and production designers to determine the project's needs - this is the foundation of my workflow and the driving force behind why the projects I work with succeed.


Director of Photography, Director, DIT, Camera Assistant, Camera, Camera Operator, Grip, Grip (Assistant), Marketing, Photographer, Picture Editor, Post Production Supervisor, Post Production Producer, Producer, Production Coordinator, Screenwriter, Script Editor , Colorist, Writer/Director, Visual Effects Artist, Visual Effects Supervisor, Steadicam Operator


Advertising, Branded Content, Cable, Commercials, Digital, Feature, Film, Half-Hour, Short Film, Single Cam, Social Media, Television, TV Movie, Streamer


Documentary, Comedy, Action, Crime, Drama, Dramedy, Non-Fiction, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Los Angeles


United States of America



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