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Actress / Writer / Filmmaker

Foscht Twins Entertainment

Available To Work February 27, 2023


Bianca Foscht, Austrian actress and filmmaker was born in Graz, Austria, as the second of five children and has Slovenian and Italian ancestry. Growing up in the suburban Austrian area Bianca was convinced to become an actress and filmmaker at the age of 12. Starting out with filming little movies in her backyard with her father's video camera, lovingly forcing her siblings and neighbors to star in her movie, Foscht decided to make this her career. From an early age on Bianca was inspired by the arts, studying ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and acrobatic dance and competed at national and international dance championships. In her last year of high school Bianca was spotted by a theatre director and was offered a leading role in a modern theatre production in Austria. At the same time Foscht submitted an audition to the Austrian "Dieselkino" cinemas for the first ever Movieoke Awards. Bianca was the only actress auditioning in English and won the film- and cinema award for her outstanding performance. After high school graduation Foscht moved with her twin sister Dilara Foscht, who is an aspiring actress and filmmaker herself, to Germany to learn more about the European theater and film industry. After a year of work in theatre and film in Passau, Munich and Konstanz Bianca decided to move to Vancouver to expand her knowledge and career in an English speaking country. As an actress Foscht trained with acclaimed teachers like Harry Shifman, David Lee Strasberg, John Homa, Bob Corff, Bruce Eckstut and Tania Nolan to name a few. Foscht is fluent in German, English and speaks basic Italian and in addition to filmmaking, acting and dancing, she loves trying new kinds of sports (martial arts is on her to-do list), learning new accents, riding her horse and basically doing anything which demands a high level of energy.


Actor, Producer, Writer




Drama, Horror, Thriller, Young Adult

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Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver

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English, German, Italian

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